Norway Fjords – Bergen

Our final stop, which is quite sad for us, is Bergen, Norway.  We have enjoyed Norway so much. We pulled into port on a rainy, foggy day.  I believe that Bergen gets a lot of rain, so we were prepared with umbrella and Eric even donned a plastic poncho for part of the morning.  First thing we did once we left the Norwegian Jade is hop on our favorite tour bus – the Hop On/Hop Off Double Decker bus.   Lucky for us, one of their stops was right next to the port we had just docked in.  That makes for a much easier tour time in the rain.

Our first Hop Off spot was the Funicular to ride up to the top of Mount Fløyen.  Too bad it was raining, because up at the top there is tons of fun things to do in a nice weather environment.  Hikes to lake, a troll trail, and park fun for kiddos.  It was raining pretty good at that point, so we snapped off a few photos from the top to the city down below, made a bathroom break, and hopped back on the Funicular for our fast ride back down to our Hop On bus tour of the city of Bergen.

We rode around the city listening to the tour for a while, then we hopped off to visit the museum in Bergen. Det Hanseatiske Museum og Schoetstuene (Hanseatic Museum) was pretty spectacular.  The history of that old fishing merchant building was very interesting and you felt for those apprentices of long ago.  The building is quite old and climbing up to the third floor on those squeaky boards gave me quite a fright.  After the museum tour, we walked over to the fish market and had a reindeer hot dog and pastry.  It was quite delicious.   Still raining pretty good, so we got back on the bus, and road around the city for a few turns.   Once we tired of the bus, we decided to head back to the ship and take up in our favorite spot –  our balcony.

Bergen, even though the weather was rough for pictures, was very nice. It was the biggest City we visited of Norway on our trip.  There were several cruise ships in port along with ours, so it was more crowded in town, than any other port.  Of course, as we began to sail away, the sun came out in force.  We were sorry to not get great sunny photos of the Harbor area in Bergen.  Nonetheless, we had a great time and even enjoyed the rain!

Bergen down below, in the fog!
Eric trying to get a good view and shot
Didn’t bring his camera out in the rain, so not great photos 😦
Fog cleared up a little on top of Mount Floyen
Everyone enjoying the view through the raindrops
Our ship down in the rain
Det Hanseatiske Museum og Schoetstuene
Hanseatic Museum photos
Merchants dining room in Hanseatic Museum
Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf in the rain
We are enjoying the rainy day 🙂
Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway shot 2
Hanseatic Museum
Our lunch to share – Reindeer Hot Dog and a pastry
Rain comes down in Bergen
Back on ship and rain is clearing a little
Ship ready to Sail – Rain is clearing a lot
Back at sea, rain clears completely