Bed & Breakfast in Pacific Grove

Let me set the scene, my husband and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary, we have always dreamed of staying in one of the B&B’s in Monterey or Pacific Grove, California. Many years ago, when we were in our early 20’s we lived in the area and would drive around gawking at the beautiful places around the Bay. We made reservations to stay back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s for our December birthdays, but had to cancel due to a conflict with a church program that needed us to be there. I have always regretted that!

Fast forward to 2017! Eric and I planned this over 6 months ago. In April, we made our reservation, paid, and knew we were not going to cancel no matter what! When November 27th, rolled around, we were packed and ready to hit the road.

Monterey Bay is a little under 3 hours away from our home. So a small road trip was delightful and the weather was perfect. We arrived at the Seven Gables Inn in Pacific Grove and checked into our Ocean Mist room. Just opening that door and seeing that perfect view was breathtaking and made us so happy. We were given a tour of the facilities and then made our way back to unpack and just sit in those two chairs looking out the window for a few hours. We were drawn away from the crazing waves by the promise of cheese and wine in the drawing room. We both tried a glass of the Pinot Noir, and made a plate of cheese, crudites,  fruit, dips and even a chocolate candy. So far this Anniversary was headed in the right direction.

Ocean Mist window view

We were supposed to dress and go to dinner that night, but after our snack in the main house, we retired to our room for the night.  We turned on the fireplace, made ourselves a glass of wine, and continued to enjoy the view from the Ocean Mist room.  We didn’t even make it over to the main house for cookies that night.  A perfected evening just enjoying our fabulous and spacious room. We might of gotten a little hungry around 11 pm, but The Seven Gables staff had left us a snack and drinks in our room, so we made due.  We also were going to be so ready for the big breakfast in the morning.  The sunrise was at 6:30 to 7 a.m. so we didn’t want to miss it and set the alarm before climbing into our big king sized bed.

In the morning we had a fabulous view of the rising sun and then showered, dressed and made our way to breakfast.  This inn is spectacular!  Fully decorated for Christmas in every room, including the breakfast house.  Our breakfast was amazing and didn’t disappoint our hungry tummies.  We were even surprised with mimosas. The hot breakfast, pastries and fruit, along with all the drinks, were very satisfying.  This inn really knows how to treat its guests.

After eating, we were headed out to enjoy the area and all it has to offer.  Since today was our anniversary, we spent the morning and afternoon driving the famous 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach.  Lunch was had on the 18th hole at one of the many restaurants in the Lodge.  It was a beautiful view of the ocean and the Carmel beaches.  We had a seafood lunch of course.

That night we were given tickets by The Seven Gables Inn to attend the Christmas at the Inns celebration.  Two nights of touring the Victorian Inns in Pacific Grove, and enjoying the old 1880’s architecture and beautiful Christmas decorations, not to mention cookies, cookies and more cookies.  How delightful to be staying in one of those inns, and also get to view the rooms in other inns.  Eric and I have always delighted in touring old homes and viewing the history of them.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evening.  If you are ever in that area, during this time of the year, be sure to get tickets.

Christmas Tree

On the following morning, after another fabulous breakfast we set out to walk down to Cannery Row.  We had quite the adventure and lunch.  On our way back to the Inn, we met a woman on the trail that pointed out  Sea Lions sunbathing on the beach.  We took photographs and enjoying learning about the Monterey Bay sea life.  After we jump in our car and took another drive down the coast towards Big Sur.  It is such a beautiful area and so iconic.  We stopped a lot for photographs and loved the Highway 1 drive.  We are already making plans for another trip down the coast or up, depending on where we start!  We also made it back to Pacific Grove just in time for a sunset by the ocean.

We really can’t believe how lucky we are to have such a fabulous life.  We are very blessed and look forward to many more adventures.  We will for sure, be checking in again at The Seven Gables Inn.  Pacific Grove was a delightful way to spend our 30th Anniversary and many of the guests at the Inn (they have 25 rooms/suites) were also celebrating their anniversaries.  It is a very romantic place.

Until our next trip!

Eric and Susan

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary on the beach
Pacific Grove
The Seven Gables Inn
SunRise from our room
Pebble Beach 18th Hole


Sunset in PG


Ocean Mist room


Rest of room!