Norway Fjords cruise – Geirangerfjord

If you are following our trip in the Norway Fjords, this would be our second day on our ship as we travel along in Norway.

One of our favorite days aboard the Norwegian Jade was sailing down the Geirangerfjord.   It was spectacular!  Eric and I spent the whole day sitting on our balcony just immersing ourselves with the sights and sounds of the fjord.   Our photography doesn’t do justice to this magnificent nature experience, but we share them anyway.   Eric was in heaven as he stood on the balcony and snapped photo after photo of the Norway landscapes.  I just watched and enjoyed the experience of his happiness.   We even had our dinner delivered to our room and ate out on the balcony.   This day was worth every penny of the cruise!   Our room steward even popped in and told us she would clean as we stayed on the balcony.  I’m sure she was use to people not wanting to leave their views.

These mountains that surround the Geirangerfjord were sharing so many different sights as we passed by.  Waterfalls, trees, farms, villages and single homes sitting high on the mountains.  All beautiful and mysterious too.   We wondered aloud how people could live on the side of a mountain, where no roads were visible from our viewpoint. Even more spectacular, we wondered how any of these structures were built.  It was an experience neither of us will ever forget.

The water of the Fjord was such a marvelous blue/green or green/blue solely dependent on your viewpoint.   We learned later that the color is caused by the particles that come from the ice melting from the glaciers.   Just amazing!


Beautiful view of the Fjord
Water falling off the mountain
Awe struck
Norwegian Farmland
Village of Hellesylt
Passing by a village
Waterfall uphead
Storm clouds above the Fjord
Eric having the time of his life
Geiranger port
Turning the ship around
Look at that road
One of the excursions you can take from this ship
Shiny fjord
Friaren Waterfall – The Suitor
Friaren – See the bottle in the waterfall
Up close – Friaren
Dinner on the balcony
House up the mountain
Balcony view
Eric and the Fjord
So pretty
Those colors!
Our view from the balcony
Our Fjord selfie
Waterfall in Hellesylt
The Seven Sisters
Norwegian Jade
Farm on the hill
Geiranger at its finest
Sun shining down on Fjord

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